Joe Ruiz

March 16, 2022by lonewolf2

Every pack needs its “Alpha”. Joe is Lone Wolf’s Alpha. No stranger to entrepreneurship Joe, has built, owned, guided and consulted several multimillion dollar companies from the ground up. After over 30 years in the consulting, restaurant, logistics and aerospace engineering industries, Joe wanted to make a change. Seeking one last career move to do something he believed in, loved doing, and could invite his best friends to join on the journey. He founded Lone Wolf Brewing Co in early 2021. Joe has been brewing beer at home since his college days in Colorado in the mid 80’s. He has been perfecting his brewing style and recipes since, but still thinking outside the box and being creative. A thirst for all styles of beer, and a willingness to experiment and try new things. When Joe came to California he initially lived in Yorba Linda, as his career evolved, he left the city but always wanted to find his way back. Now he is back with a vengeance opening Lone Wolf Brewing Co in the heart of Yorba Linda. Brewing everything from pale ales, to rich Irish reds, Belgian favorites, German specialties and the ever changing but delicious IPA’s. Joe and his team will bring a powerful punch or beer, Seltzers and sours to Lone Wolf satisfying the most discriminating of tastes. He welcomes all and always is approachable for input. As he puts it, “we make beer for the customers and will make what they want”! The “Den” was created with the community in mind.