Lone Wolf Brewing co is a Patriotic, family-centric, craft Brew Pub in Yorba Linda CA. We have 20 handles with an extensive array of beers, seltzers, sours to quench your thirst. Our Pub style food menu will pair perfectly with your drink of choice. YES, we are Dog friendly on our 1700sq foot covered patio.



Wolves…. Often misunderstood, misinterpreted and categorized as blood thirsty beasts! Quite the opposite. They are strong, loyal, leaders that play a key role in our wilderness ecosystem. Wolves rid the wilderness of disease and weak frail animals that hurt the ecosystem while at the same time are gentle, loving, and caring family members. Wolves are not the big bad animals of our childhood fairy tales. Their beauty and intelligence along with their strength and tenacity are keys to the ever changing wilderness landscape. There adaptability and perseverance have kept them evolving even in spite of humans trying to exterminate their existence. They are spiritual in nature, charismatic, caring and gentle beings that care for there family, environment and community. They restore rivers, and rehabilitate ecosystems. Today our world and certain powers to be want to strip us of all our freedoms just like what has been happening to the North American Wolf. Like the wolf we must adapt and fight to keep our freedoms. Lone Wolf Brewing Co was established to bring back, “the Pack”, the community feeling, well being and a place of security and belonging that is slowly being stripped from our society. A place where you can be yourself, feel you belong, have fun, let loose, howl at the moon and know your safe in the pack. A place where being a human being means something and is respected and revered. Founder Joe Ruiz, who for most of his career has been nicknamed the Lone Wolf takes the helm of Lone Wolf Brewing Co and brings with him two of his closest friends to assist in running the day to day operations. Two lone wolves in their own right Jay Jarvis and Tim Burke share in the dream of a place where you can be yourself, let your hair down and enjoy great food, beer and music! Along with a handful of investors Lone Wolf picked Yorba Linda, CA to be the home of it’s first brewery. Yorba Linda, known as the “Land of Gracious Living”, has embraced the Wolf in ways only nature could explain. The “Den”, is almost ready for the pack and Lone Wolf Brewing Co is gearing up for what will be an exciting and long lasting relationship with the patrons of Yorba Linda and all of the surrounding communities. As founder Joe Ruiz states, “People will come from near and far to part of “Lone Wolf Brewing Co”, and we will invite them in, and welcome them into being part of the pack. “The Den”, will be home to all those looking for great food, great beer, great music and most of all great people!” As wolves in nature play and integral part in that ecosystem, so will Long Wolf Brewing Co in the landscape and ecosystem of Southern California and beyond. If your looking for the right place, come check us out. Sit down have a cold brew, a good meal and tell us your story. We want to know! The Lone Wolf…


3 Best friends with a thirst for beer, and a desire to leave the Corporate world came together in 2021 with an entrepreneureal spirit of bringinng the small town local pub feeling to the masses. Lone Wolf Brewing Co was born of Faith, Family, Food, Friends and FREEDOM our core values.

Tim Burke

Every pack needs its “Timmy”. The pack member whose willing do anything for anyone and everyone no questions asked. Always willing to go the extra mile. The youngest of the pack, and the one who is learning on the fly. Tim brings his knowledge of operations, and procedures to the pack. Always ready to embrace a new challenge. Tim and Joe have a nearly 20 year working history in the Logistics and Warehousing world. When Joe presented his newest idea and business venture Tim was the first one to join the Wolf Pack. Tim an Orange County native, raised in…

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Jay Jarvis

Every pack needs its “Anchor”. Jay is ours. The man who goes to church every day, building them, repairing, and restoring their beauty. Jay is our “Mr. Fix it” with a can-do attitude, he can build anything, with or without plans. Ask him about the Loan Wolf Bar for a tall tale over and ice-cold beer. Jay and Joe are lifelong friends no, rather brothers who met in Lake Havasu during high school. After an initial fight between the two, they grew to be stronger than steel together, inseparable pack members for life. Jay is our man to take a…

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Joe Ruiz

Every pack needs its “Alpha”. Joe is Lone Wolf’s Alpha. No stranger to entrepreneurship Joe, has built, owned, guided and consulted several multimillion dollar companies from the ground up. After over 30 years in the consulting, restaurant, logistics and aerospace engineering industries, Joe wanted to make a change. Seeking one last career move to do something he believed in, loved doing, and could invite his best friends to join on the journey. He founded Lone Wolf Brewing Co in early 2021. Joe has been brewing beer at home since his college days in Colorado in the mid 80’s. He has…

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The Den

The team traveled across the country and toured over 100+ breweries throughout 2021, talking to brewery owners, gathering information, ideas, and concepts that worked in other locations. All of which have been combined to create a one-of-a-kind brewery for the people. Lone Wolf Brewing Co a 6700 sq foot Brew Pub. The brewery features a 31ft concrete & epoxy inside bar, a 20 ft outside bar as well as a 10 ft island featuring an 8 inch wide 40 tap Custom Beer tower, live edge & river tables in the dining area, and a 15-barrel brewhouse front and center and…

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All I want to do when I have time off is to have a laugh with my school friends and go down the pub.

Laura Marano


Every time I stop by the Lone Wolf Brewing Co I am greeted like Family and welcomed with open arms.

Dylan Turner


I love being able to sit down at their custom community tables, to reconnect and get to know my local neighbors over an ice cold beer

Nick Jameson


The music selection is exactly my type of jams… Classic Rock and Country music…